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We believe that the acquisition of such a significant monument in the history of the region of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean is an important privilege. We created a historical course in order to discover various events that made history of the region.

We present it here, but if you want to put the elements in context, come and have a look at La Maison Price. The research and the writing of the information panels forming the course was conducted by the historian Éric Tremblay; project coordination was assured by Jean-Thomas Henderson and the graphic design by Untessa.

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Informations Générales

Le magasin Price Bassin de la Rivière Chicoutimi

William Price, Fondateur d'un empire commercial

Historique par décennie


Une crise économique mondiale


Une décennie difficile pour le bois


En route vers le XXe siècle


Sir William Price II, le roi du papier


La compagnie Price & la Première Guerre Mondiale


La Rivière Chicoutimi au coeur d'une lutte industrielle


De la crise à la guerre


Les espoirs de l'Après-Guerre


American Dream


La Révolution tranquille


Création d'Abitibi price


Des années difficiles


La Révolution Informatique


L'année des grandes transformations


Bar à Pitons : About Pitons

Why the bar located in the basement of La Maison Price is it called Bar à Pitons? It is a reference to the ''Pitons'' distributed to the employees of the company Price Brothers inc. as salary. Here some examples:


Very early in America's history, the area serves as a hub in the fur trade. Also it exported huge yellow pine in the British metropolis. Despite these activities, it took thirteen colonists of the Société des 21 (from Charlevoix) settled in the region for the latter, it is organized around lumbering, expand itself.

Peter McCleod, a mixed-race from Rivière-du-Moulin, had the monopoly of the timber trade. But William Price identified a potential for exploitation in the Secteur du Bassin, where the market had not been developed. He seized the opportunity and founded what would become the Price Company

L'Auberge Jeunesse de Saguenay settled in the Maison Price, a heritage building located in one of the oldest districts of Chicoutimi.

Built between 1860 and 1879, the building first served as an office and a general store in the Price Company, a major player in the forest industry at that time.

The activities of La Maison Price were at the heart of the development of the Bassin neighborhood. At the time, the company's employees received 'Pitons' as a salary (An exclusive currency of the company intended to fill coffers of the general store). Pine planks cracked, or with knots, was used to build staff houses in a way for the Price Company to maximize profit.

La Maison Price and the Bassin flour mill are, in truth, the last vestiges of the industrial development undertaken by the Price company in the region.

In 1996, the flood strongly touched the neighborhood. La Petite Maison Blanche it hen became a tenacity symbole.

In April 2010, after a two-year process, the Coopérative de Solidarité V.E.R.T.E. proudly opened the doors of the Auberge Jeunesse Saguenay - La Maison Price. We created inside the hostel, a design that reflects different periods of its centenary existence in order to convey the heritage passion.

For the sake of taking in hand the future of the region is born the desire to reclaim our history.

Feel free to come visit it.

Thank you!