Membre de la Coopérative V.E.R.T.E.

Things to do

Museum and Heritage :

Nature and Outdoor:

Sports and Adventure Tourism:

Arts Crafts and Exhibitions:

  • Arts and Crafts boutique Au courant d'art à Chicoutimi
  • The art gallery La Corniche in Chicoutimi
  • Le Lobe is mainly devoted to support the production and the diffusion of contemporary art projects realized in residence
  • L'Espace Virtuel; The center presents visual art exhibitions, organizes performance events, sound experiments, special projects and training workshops
  • The art gallery Séquence: Professional Artists center located in Saguenay
  • National Exhibitions Center (CNE) on top of le Mont Jacob in Jonquière

Cruises and aquatic activities:

Itineraries and tours:

Family entertainment and attractions: